Featured inks

Neptune's Curse - Belt Buckle and Belt

The epic battle between Neptune and the mighty Kraken captured in this mythical buckle!

The Inks - Belt Buckle and Belt

Become one of the elusive inks with this monstrous belt buckle showing you allegiance to the mighty inks!

Ye Ol Birdbrain - Necklace

Crow Skull necklace with a secret storage space for your small treasures and trinkets.

The Love Below- Belt Buckle and Belt

Wear this story of love, death and a little bit of magic in this Inky masterpiece of a belt buckle.

There is more to this than it seems with it's hidden stash compartment in the back to keep all your inky, little secrets in.

The Ink Story...

Ink Trinkets is a creative sketchbook where I can produce my own style of jewelry. It's trinkets and art only limited by the extent of my own imagination, just whatever inspires me to create, a reflection of what is banging around in my old noggin ... it's all me baby!

Over many years as a musician, designer and animator I have ended up developing my own style by fusing my love of fantastical, magical beauty with my innate style which tends to lean towards the dark side. This is what I really love about creating the pieces in the Inky, dark, beautiful world of Ink Trinkets.

It will be cool to see where this creative journey ends up taking me. I hope you come along for the ride and I hope you enjoy wearing these little pieces of Ink history.

Cheers for all of your support... May the Ink be with you!

Aden Mackness : Creator of INK TRINKETS

Ink Rings - Available Now on Etsy

Sunken Love - Ring

The tragic story of love and loss captured in this ring. Love from the depths.

Old Man of the sea - Ring

Embrace the power of the god of the sea in this mighty ring. All hail the old man of the sea.

INky Kings - Ring

Become Inky royalty with this statley ring.

They will bow down to your excellence.

Lord of the Inks -Ring

This mighty beast of a ring is a humble tribute to the mighty Lord of the Inks.

Right to Knock - Ring

This mythical ring should only worn on the right hand right? You can remove the ring but at your own peril.

Never Left out- Ring

A little bit of left-handed magic to add to your style . This bit of sorcery can have it's ring removed.

Fangs-A-lot - Ring

There's a inky moon rising and it's time to feel a little wolfish with this monster of a ring. Fangs A Lot.

Inks in the Works...

The creation of new Inks is an on going journey. Some of these trinkets will be one of a kind.

Ink Necklaces

Lord of he Inks - Necklace

This one is a royal beasty and will turn heads.

Fangs A lot - Necklace

Feeling a little wolfish? The king of the wolves is necklace you can really sink your teeth into.

Anchor Me - Necklace

For ye pirates out there that the love the the ocean and here endless depths.

Blackened Heart - Necklace

There is always to side to a love story....You choose your side.

Peas In A Pod - Necklace

Everyone wants a buddy to travel this inky existence with. Great for lovers or besties.

The Other Side - Necklace

Feeling a little wolfish? The king of the wolves is necklace you can really sink your teeth into.

Into The Abyss - Necklace

Looking over the edge into the Inky Depths.

Love You to Death - Necklace

Sometimes love surpasses this life and on to the next. Great Necklace for favorite soul.

Ink Belt Buckles

Into The Abyss - Belt Buckle and Belt

Look into the abyss and look awesome with this epic belt buckle and belt.

Lord Of The Inks - Belt Buckle and Belt

This belt buckle demands attention and with it's distressed belt make any outfit roar!

Wolf Whistle- Belt Buckle and Belt

You will be Fangful for you get all the great compliments and wolf whistles from this majestic belt buckle

Never Left Out - Belt Buckle and Belt

Here's some left-sided magic for your outfit. Inspired by the amazing 80's movie labyrinth with an Inky twist.

Right To Knock - Belt Buckle and Belt

Add a bit of right-handed magic to your outfit. Inspired by the amazing 80's movie Labyrinth with an Inky twist.

You Gotta a FORD it - Belt Buckle and Belt

As a owner of a 1956 Ford F-100 I wanted to pay tribute to this piece of Awesome American history.

Ink Guitars

INkABELLE - Custom LP Guitar Build

This was my first custom built guitar. She is done in my inky style with all the good stuff! Fishman Fluence pickups, Drop D switch, Grover tuners and a Kill switch. She is a beast of a guitar and her light up resin heart makes her stand out on stage,

Lucy - Custom Tele Guitar Build

Lucy is a custom build Telecaster style guitar with all the style of a classy lass but the sound of a metal monster! I've always wanted at Telecaster but never could find one I really dug so I made my own. She has, EMG Active pickups, Hipshot Drop D switch & tuners and a TKO Kill switch.

Cordelia - Custom PRS Guitar Build

Cordelia was created from a PRS style kit but for there she went of in her own style. I love PRS guitars but wanted to make something unique and in my style. She has all the good stuff that my guitars have, EMG 81 & 85 Active pickups, Hipshot Drop D switch & tuners and a Tesli Kill switch.

Marlene- Custom LP Guitar Build

Marlene was my second Les Paul style build but on this one I really wanted to do something that I have never seen with the Iconic Les Paul guitars. The custom pickguard was my anchor in starting the design and everything flow from there. She has Active EMG 81/85 Pickups and Hipshot drop D switch, locking tuners and a Tesi Kill switch.
She looks and sounds deadly.

Beasty - Vintage ES-125 Guitar Build

Beasty was something that I always wanted as a guitarist based on the legendary ES 125 but with my own style and design fused into her creation. Normally there is just one single PAF pickup but I thought a second would add to her tonal possibilities and also a Tesi Kill switch . She gets her name from the Inky beasts curved into her Pickguard and tail piece.

She is a beast and a beauty... and with the active EMG Pickups she has her very own unique voice.

Want your own Ink Guitar?

If you are interested in commissioning a custom build, let's chat and we can discuss the possibility of you owning your one of a kind Ink Guitar!


Contact inktrinkets@gmail.com to get more information and if you would like to discuss creating your own custom Ink Trinket... May the Ink be with you.